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Thank you for visiting our website. We really hope you find it useful and it helps you to find great products and stay active. 


At Bike Driven we truly believe in “a healthy mind in a healthy body” phrase and think it is absolutely critical for all people to stay active in order to live a healthier and happier life. 


We invest a lot of time in researching and writing reviews and comparisons for cycling-related products. All this is to save your time, help you to get out, cycle, and, most importantly, to enjoy it. 


We are building this website every day and work on adding great and useful content for you. If you find it helpful and informative please share it with your friends. It will help us a lot to grow faster and get even better. 

Which products do we research and review?

We focus on reviewing and featuring road cycling products that are most suitable for beginner, intermediate and seasoned cyclists alike. We do not cover the professional segment of cyclists at this time. 

What does “Best” cycling product mean for us?

There are thousands of cycling-related brands and products ranging in price and quality making them very hard to digest and find the most appropriate ones. As a result, we feel that the word “Best” was recently overused a lot and we want to explain what we mean by featuring, for example, “Best Winter Cycling Gloves For Cold Weather”.

Cycling as a sport is a lot about maximizing performance. Brands and cycling professionals always try to innovate and improve to get the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, innovations and products improvements these days result only in marginal gains, but the price increase for these gains is not equally proportional. In economics, this behavior is defined as “diminishing returns”. You can see a rough visualizing graph of this behavior below. 

Diminishing returns in cycling products

Knowing this we focus on featuring the best value for the money products that are affordable, but at the same time have a lot to offer. We don’t want our visitors to overspend on something they will not benefit from. 

How do we bring value to you?

We save your time and headache by suggesting great value for money cycling products. To suggest and shortlist the best ones we focus on extensive product search, user feedback, personal testing experience, and easy to digest and read web design. 



Thank you for visiting our website. Stay healthy, positive, and most importantly, active. 


Bike Driven Crew

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