8 Best Bike Saddle Bags: Carry Cycling Essentials with Ease

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Saddle bags are mainly used for storing essentials like multi-tool, spare tube(s), pump, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, keys, and so on. In most cases, you just need to set up your saddle bag once and don’t have to worry about forgetting something on your next ride. 


Also, with the extra space, you can stop stuffing your jersey pockets to a dangerous limit.  


The main characteristics of a saddle bag are weight, volume, waterproof capabilities, mounting options, aero features, price, and design. 


The best bike saddle bag is different for each cyclist since we all have different needs and our cycling routes and riding distances also differ.  


In this article, we featured the best bike saddle bags for carrying only the essentials. Most of the sizes range from 0.3L (18.3 cubic inches) to just over 1L (61 cubic inches) in capacity. 

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1. Topeak Wedge II: best saddle bag for extra space


Topeak Wedge II is a durable, versatile, and extremely spacious saddle bag.


It is available in 4 different sizes to choose from. The medium and large options have expanding capabilities so you can make the bag larger in case you need the extra space. 


The QuickClick mounting system is super secure and easy to use.


In addition, this saddle bag comes with a rain cover to protect your essentials from getting wet. Also, it is equipped with a taillight clip and built-in reflective elements for better visibility in low-light riding conditions. 


Overall, Topeak Wedge II is a great saddle bag but could be too bulky for some riders (especially the medium and large sizes). A similar, but smaller and lighter version would be Topeak ProPack Saddle Bag

2. Castelli Undersaddle Mini: best lightweight saddle bag


Castelli Undersaddle Mini is a very minimalistic saddle bag ideal for performance-oriented cyclists. It is a super lightweight, aero, and stylish-looking saddle bag. 


You can fit just enough, but not more so if you are looking for a lot of storage space then go for a different saddle bag. 


In addition, it is water-resistant, which is always a great feature to have. 


The velcro mounting system is of very good quality, fits all of the saddles, and is very easy to install. 


On a negative note, the zipper is quite fragile so extra care needs to be applied when opening and closing. 

3. Orucase: best minimalistic waterproof saddle bag


Orucase saddle bag has a lot to offer for the prize and can easily compete with the other top brands. 


This bag is available in 2 different sizes, both of which are quite minimalistic and ideal for riders looking to carry the most important essentials. 


It is super light, the mounting system is very secure and long-lasting, and in addition, this bag is fully waterproof. 


Overall, it was hard to spot any downsides and the Orucase saddle bag is definitely a great choice that most will be happy with. 

4. Topeak Wedge DryBag: best waterproof saddle bag


Topeak Wedge DryBag is one of the best fully waterproof saddle bags out there. It is ideal for the worst weather conditions and longer rides.


It is available in 3 different sizes to choose from depending on your needs and space requirements. Also, the exact same saddle bag, but with a strap mount and a slightly cheaper price is also available here


The QuickClick mounting system is very durable and super easy to use. 


In addition, it is equipped with reflective elements and a built-in taillight strap for low-light riding conditions.


Overall, Topeak Wedge DryBag is a very high-quality saddle bag with no downsides, but keep in mind that the larger options could be too big and heavy for many riders.

5. Altura NV Road: best saddle bag for entry-level


Altura NV Road is a stylish-looking, well-priced, and all-around great saddle bag. It is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate most of the riders and use cases. 


This saddle bag is especially great during nighttime cycling because of its reflective detailing and a built-in strap for a rear light. 


The mounting system fits all of the saddles and provides a minimalistic fit. Also, the fabric and overall construction are durable. 


On a negative note, some of the cyclists complain about the velcro strap, which broke quite quickly. However, these complaints are quite rare.

6. Lezyne Road Caddy: best mini spacious saddle bag


Lezyne Road Caddy is a great minimalistic saddle bag with plenty of space, great design, and durable construction. 


This saddle bag is ideal for road cyclists who need just the essentials on their rides. The clamlike opening provides plenty of space and a big loophole makes it easy to access the contents.


The wide velcro strap is very durable, easy to mount and fits under pretty much any saddle out there. 


Since the construction is very durable this saddle bag is slightly heavier than some other alternative options. If a few extra grams are crucial for you then maybe consider a different saddle bag like a Castelli Undersaddle Mini

7. LifeLine Stash: best budget saddle bag


LifeLine Stash is a great value-for-money saddle bag for those looking for a budget option. 


It is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate most of the riders and use cases. The velcro strap fits most of the saddles and seat posts and is very easy to install. The big loophole makes the bag very easy to open and close. 


It also comes with a taillight strap, which is handy for low-light riding conditions. 


Overall, this is a great saddle bag for the money, but keep in mind that the material is not the most durable and has shorter longevity than some other higher-priced options. 

8. Evoc: best saddle bag for colors and style


Evoc is a great-looking and minimalistic saddle bag available in 2 sizes and 3 different colors. 


This choice is perfect for performance-oriented cyclists looking for an extremely lightweight, stylish, and compact saddle bag to carry just the most important essentials. 


The buckle mourning system is very easy to attach and unlike some of the velcro straps will last longer and provide a more secure fit. 


Overall, the Evoc saddle bag is a stylish, minimalistic, and well-priced choice, but it does have some drawbacks to be aware of. For example, it does not have a rear light strap and the lightweight material quality is not the most durable one. 


Saddle bags provide extra space for the essentials you want to take on every ride. Choosing the best bike saddle bag can be harder than one might think. There are plenty of options to choose from and the best one depends on your preferences and needs. 


In this article, we put together the best bike saddle bags for different use cases and riding conditions. We are quite confident that you should be able to find an option that suits your needs and price the most. 


We hope you found this article helpful. Stay healthy, happy, and active.

Frequently asked questions:

The best bike saddle bag for cycling has to match your needs and riding conditions. For example, on a loon long-distance ride, it makes sense to opt-in for a slightly larger saddle bag like Topeak Wedge II because you will need more space for storing an extra tire, some gels, food, gloves, and other essentials. While on short and speedy rides you want to go for a lightweight option like Castelli Undersaddle Mini

To choose a saddle bag you need to list all of the items you want to carry and also account for the weather conditions. For example, it makes sense to go for a larger waterproof saddle bag if you will be covering longer distances and want to keep your contents dry. On the other hand, if speed is your primary consideration then going for a small and lightweight option is best.

Saddle bags are extremely useful for carrying essentials on every single ride. Also, if you find yourself stuffing jersey pockets to the limit then you can definitely benefit from a saddle bag. Once you set up a saddle bag you can stop worrying about forgetting something the next time you jump on your bike, which is very convenient. 

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