Oakley Radar EV Path Cycling Glasses Review

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High-quality cycling glasses deserving top marks across the board. Secure and close fit, special Road Prizm patented technology, high-quality material throughout, and interchangeable lenses are just a few of the great features offered by Oakley’s Radar EV Path cycling glasses.

Product and testing details

Cycling-specific glasses not only protect you from the sun but also prevent dirt, bugs, and rain from getting into your eyes. Before I got my first pair, I was always coming home after a ride with red eyes and needed some extra recovery time. Today I don’t cycle without my Oakley’s Radar EV Path even when the weather is gloomy. Take a look at my full review of these glasses below.

The Fit

Sometimes the best product is the one you don’t notice while using and this is especially true of Oakley’s Radar EV Path cycling glasses. I am really impressed with how well they fit and feel while wearing. After about 15 minutes on my bike I forget that I am actually wearing them. For me, this is a good indication of the quality and proper fit. 


I particularly want to highlight earsocks and nose pads made of unobtainium rubber. It does an amazing job of keeping these glasses secure regardless of how bumpy the road is. My face size is on a lower medium spectrum (approximately 130mm distance between temples) and these glasses fit me very well, but there are small gaps between each temple meaning that they should fit anyone with a head width of up to 140mm (distance between temples). If you have a large head then my advice would be to go for different wider glasses as these might be too small. 


One last thing to mention regarding fit is the lens shape. The bottom of each lens was curved to accommodate cheeks and not to cause discomfort. A nice touch and indeed creates a better fit.

Vision & Lens

According to Oakley, the Prizm Road lens allows 20% of light transmission making these glasses ideal for brighter riding conditions. I do, however, use Oakley’s Radar EV Path glasses even on darker days. If it is not sunny outside the glasses protect me from wind, debris, and bugs. On very gloomy days the lens is a bit too dark for me, but nothing critical. Also, I often start my ride at sunrise and the first 20 minutes are too dark for this lens, but I prefer this slight discomfort for a few mins instead of taking an additional clear interchangeable lens on my ride. 


There is a lot of buzz about the Prizm technology and I want to touch briefly on it as well. I personally like this video explaining how the Prizm works. According to Oakley, the Prizm adjusts color penetration through the lens allowing for a better view ahead. I definitely see a difference with these glasses on and without, but I would not say that it is life-changing, to be honest.


Overall, my eyes feel relaxed while cycling in these glasses and I never have to squint because of sunlight. I like that the Prizm Road lens could be used in a wide range of cycling conditions, however, I also need to get a completely transparent lens for riding in the dark and on very gloomy winter days. Oakley does offer a clear Radar EV lens that you can purchase separately. 


There are several things I particularly like about Oakley’s Radar EV Path cycling glasses and some of them I already mentioned above:

Great fit

I really like the close and secure fit. After about 15 minutes of cycling I don’t even feel the glasses on, which is a good sign. There is a small gap between my temples and the glasses meaning that they can fit people with a larger head than mine, but this does not impact how well they sit on me.

Superb lens

I talked a bit about the Prizm lens technology above and want to reiterate it here as well. The lens looks very high quality and does improve road and road signs visibility.

Wide range usage

Even though it is recommended to use these glasses in brighter conditions I found them suitable for darker days as well. There is a bit of discomfort depending on the darkness level, but you can always buy an extra transparent lens.

High-quality material

The first thing I noticed when examining these glasses is material quality. They feel very secure, strong, durable, expensive, and the kind of glasses you buy once and only change the lens every few years.

Interchangeable lenses

I also like the ability to change a lens without buying a separate pair of glasses or a frame. For example, I plan to buy a transparent lens for evenings and dark winter days.

Great look

Needless to say, these glasses look pretty badass and definitely will make you stand out in the crowd.


There are several things I did not like:

Fog up in a Standing position and low Temp.

They do a good job of not fogging up on warmer days and when in motion. However, they still fog up in colder temperatures and motionless positions. For example, when you stop at a traffic junction on a colder winter morning they will fog up. Once you start cycling the fog disappears in 20 seconds or so.


The other negative is the price, of course. The official price is around $150 and you might need to get an extra transparent lens down the road for about $50-60. Of course, you get what you pay for, but not all of us are comfortable spending this much on cycling glasses.

Final Verdict

Oakley’s Radar EV Path cycling glasses are the ones you buy once and use for years. There are a number of features to call out starting from a great Road Prizm lens and finishing with a high-quality material throughout. Definitely, the glasses I can recommend and worth the money. 


I hope you found this review useful, leave a comment below or ask any questions. Stay healthy, happy, and active.


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