12 Best Winter Cycling Gloves: Cold and Wet Weather Protection

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We have put together a list of best winter cycling gloves on the market, ranging from budget-friendly options to more expensive, waterproof, stylish, and alternative choices for deep winter conditions. At the bottom of the article, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about winter cycling gloves, but also feel free to ask additional questions in the comments below.


Cold hands, loss of dexterity, and frostbites are all possible issues when cycling in cold temperatures without proper cycling gloves. Not only can your cycling experience be ruined, but you can get into dangerous situations and accidents.


That’s why a pair of good winter cycling gloves is essential in cold weather!


Cold hands, loss of dexterity, and frostbites are all possible when cycling in cold weather conditions without proper cycling gloves. Not only can your cycling experience be ruined, but you can get into dangerous situations and accidents. That’s why a pair of proper cycling gloves is essential in colder weather conditions. 


Same as with many other cycling-specific products, there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to gloves. We are here to help you find the best winter cycling gloves that will keep you warm and protected from the elements. 


In general, winter cycling gloves can be put into several categories based on weather conditions and temperature: 

Our Pick of 4 Best Cycling Shoe Covers

Best Deep Winter Cycling Gloves
Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves
Best Winter Cycling Bar Mitts
Bar Mitts Cold Weather Road Bicycle Handlebar Mittens
Best Winter Cycling Gloves Overall
Endura Pro Sl Primaloft Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves
Best Budget Winter Cycling Gloves
Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves

Important considerations for cycling shoe covers choice:

Weather Conditions

When choosing winter cycling gloves, you first need to consider the type of weather conditions you’ll be riding in. Especially, take into account the temperature and rain, as it will directly impact your choice of gloves.


Some gloves are better than others at keeping the water out, but if you end up cycling for hours under heavy rain, there are no gloves on the market that will keep your hands dry. Water almost always finds a way in. However, getting a pair of waterproof or water-resistant winter cycling gloves is a good idea in most cases.

Recommended Temperatures

We tried to estimate a recommended temperature for all of the gloves in this review, however, do keep in mind that people feel cold differently. What seems warm to one person might be cold for another. Therefore, treat our numbers as a rough estimation and take into account your personal tolerance of cold. Also, the same gloves might feel colder or warmer depending on the cycling intensity.


Layering is an essential concept in cycling and especially so in winter. For example, some riders like to use 2 pairs of cycling gloves in winter (a thin one as an underlayer in combination with a regular winter cycling glove). This approach expands the cycling temperature range and gives you more flexibility. Pro tip: the upper glove needs to be slightly larger to accommodate the underlayer one, so consider this when choosing a size.

Our Pick of 12 Best Winter Cycling Gloves:

Endura Pro SL Primaloft Waterproof Glove​


Endura’s Pro Sl Primaloft Waterproof Gloves are ideal for cyclists who don’t tolerate the cold and need extra warmth in both wet and dry weather conditions. 


These winter gloves offer both water and wind protection and provide extra insulation, making them very warm. They are made of PrimaLoft Gold fiber fabric, the best in PrimaLoft’s lineup. Endura also used a seam-sealed and waterproof internal membrane to keep the water out.


We also want to highlight a full-finger terry sweat wipe, which is great on high-intensity rides. Also, the long and stretchy cuff allows for an excellent snug fit. 


Since these gloves are very warm and waterproof, they are not intended to be used at temperatures above 46-50°F as your hands will start to sweat. 


Unfortunately, they are not compatible with touchscreen phones, so keep this in mind.

Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves


If you are looking for the best winter cycling gloves that will keep your hands warm in the coldest temperatures, then look no further than Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves. They are excellent at keeping hands warm and dry in deep winter. The gloves are made of high-quality fabrics that will last and have an extra layer of padding on the palm for added comfort.


Most cyclists can use them in temperatures as low as 23°-41°F / -5°-5°C without worrying about getting cold hands!


Plus, they feature a grippy material on the palms to improve handling. With these gloves, there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing choices!


The price is the only downside, so if you are budget conscious, these gloves may not be the best choice for you.

Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves


The Elite Cycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter Cycling Gloves are designed for temperatures ranging from 32°-40°F / 0°-5°C and are made with waterproof fabric to keep your hands dry.


These gloves also have windproof technology built right into them, which means you can stay out on your bike ride longer without having to worry about getting cold or wet.


One of the biggest benefits of these gloves is their affordable price.


On the downside, these gloves are on the bulkier side and not as breathable, so that you can get a bit sweaty hands in some cases. However, given the price, it is hard to find a better choice.

Castelli Men's Diluvio C Winter Cycling Gloves


The Diluvio C Winter Cycling Gloves are perfect for any cyclist who wants to stay warm on those wet and cold winter days while still being able to grip the handlebars with ease. 


These gloves have been designed specifically for wet conditions because of their neoprene fabric. This fabric traps the air and water inside, which is warmed up by the body. As a result, the insides of the gloves are warm. 


Plus, they come in high-viz yellow color, so you can be seen on those dark days when visibility is low.


One of the downsides is that these gloves are not very breathable because of the neoprene, so you can get sweaty hands if your ride is particularly long or intensive.

Gore Wear C5 Thermo Gore-Tex Winter Cycling Gloves


Gore Wear C5 Thermo Winter Gloves are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to stay warm in cold weather. They’re waterproof and windproof, so you can wear them in all kinds of conditions without worrying about getting wet or cold.


The breathable material prevents your hands from sweating too much while still keeping them warm and dry.


With a stylish design in high-visibility yellow color, you can look good while staying dry and warm too!


They are pretty snug-fitting, so we recommend going for a size up or ordering two pairs and sending one back if you are between sizes.

Pearl Izumi AmFIB Lobster Gel Gloves


AmFIB Lobster Gel Gloves are the warmest gloves in Pearl Izumi’s collection. They are water-resistant and wind-resistant to keep your hands dry and warm. 


They also have a grippy design that allows you to maintain control of your bike. In addition, the clawlike shape accommodates shifting and breaking.


These gloves are also touchscreen compatible, so you can use them with any device without taking them off!


On the downside, they are pretty bulky and quite expensive.

SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Cycling Gloves


SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Cycle Gloves is an excellent choice for rainy days. They’re waterproof, windproof, breathable, and lightweight, so they don’t feel bulky. 


The touchscreen-compatible index finger allows you to use your phone without having to take off your gloves! With a variety of colors available, there is something for everyone.


The non-bulky design will not impact your ability to shift gears and brake. These gloves are best for colder months, from late fall to early spring. 


However, they can be too cold during deep winter months, so consider wearing a pair of thin liners underneath if you need extra warmth.

Santini Neo Blast Neoprene Winter Cycling Gloves


Santini’s Neo Blast Neoprene Gloves are ideal for cold and wet conditions. 


These winter cycling gloves are slightly different from others in our review because they are made of neoprene. This material is most often used to produce wetsuits. In a nutshell, it works by trapping water and heat inside the gloves and maintaining the warmth produced by the body. Also, these gloves are waterproof and windproof, which obviously is a big plus. 


Last but not least, these gloves are very elastic, fit nicely, and offer an excellent grip due to the silicone injected design. 


On the negative side, remember that neoprene is not a breathable fabric, so your hands could get sweaty on tough climbs and in warmer temperatures. Also, operating a touchscreen phone can be a challenge.

Giro Ambient 2.0 Winter Cycling Gloves


Giro’s Ambient 2.0 Gloves are best for long-distance cycling in cool to cold and wet weather conditions. 


In addition to water resistance and windproof features, Giro provided a great fit and worked a lot on palm construction. As a result, these gloves incorporate Super Fit Engineering technology and Three-piece Palm Construction allowing a rider to feel more comfortable and have enough grip. 


Giro also double-wrapped the first two fingers for extra warmth and included reflective elements and touchscreen compatible fabric on these gloves. 


Overall, a pair of Giro’s Ambient 2.0 Gloves should make most cyclists happy on a longer ride. However, be careful with sizing and even consider going a size up as they seem to run small. 

GripGrab Windster Windproof Winter Cycling Gloves


GripGrab’s Ride Waterproof Winter Gloves are ideal for cyclists who get cold easily and need extra warmth in both wet and dry weather conditions. 


These gloves are a bit expensive, but you get a whole stack of features. First of all, they provide both water and wind protection and offer excellent insulation. In addition, these gloves are touch screen compatible and have DOCTORGEL technology to prevent hand numbness by reducing handlebar vibrations. 


Last but not least, they include some reflective elements, a velcro strap for a snug jacket fit, and palm silicone prints for better grip. 


Since these gloves are very warm, they are not intended to be used in temperatures above 7°-8°C / 45°-46°F as your hands will start to sweat. 


Additionally, you could use these gloves in deep winter, but we advise combining them with a pair of thin wool lines for extra insulation and warmth.

Lusso Windtex Thermal Stealth Winter Cycling Gloves


Lusso’s Windtex Thermal Stealth Gloves are great for the majority of cycling styles and distances. 


Like many of Lusso’s winter products, these gloves are water repellant and also provide wind protection. In addition, since the fabric is very breathable, it can be used in a wide range of temperatures. 


The long and stretchy cuff allows for an excellent snug fit. You also get palm and thumb padding for better grip.


Unfortunately, they are not compatible with touchscreens, so keep this in mind. 

Best Deep Winter Alternative Solutions:

Bar Mitts Cold Weather Road Bicycle Handlebar Mittens


When conditions are below freezing, some heavy-duty solutions are needed. One of such solutions is excellent handlebar mittens with a combination of winter cycling gloves.


These bar mitts allow you to wear any gloves you want underneath, greatly expanding the temperature range. In addition, for the coldest temperatures, just increase the thickness of the cycling gloves.


Bar Mitts Handlebar Mittens are super durable. They are built to last and will keep you warm for years. Plus, they are super easy to install on your road bike without any tools.


The main downside of this particular solution is that it’s less flexible than other winter cycling gloves options because it covers the handlebars. Therefore, the option of moving your hands from one position to another is slightly restricted.

AKASO Waterproof Ski Gloves Winter


Another alternative, which some cyclists like, is just using their ski gloves. These are usually bulky but super warm. If you can handle your bike with ski gloves, then give it a try.


Just head over to your favorite online store and check out a few options. For example, AKASO Waterproof Ski Gloves can be a good start.


The goal is to find out what works best for your needs!

Frequently asked questions:
1. What winter cycling gloves should I look for?

The first thing you need to consider is your riding conditions, as this will directly impact the choice of winter cycling gloves. Therefore think about rain, the temperature outside, and wind. In wet and cold conditions, your best bet is good waterproof cycling gloves with good insulation. For example, Endura Pro Sl Primaloft Waterproof Glove could be a good choice. However, for more extreme and freezing conditions, you’d need a good pair of cycling gloves with additional insulation. In this case, you can consider Bar Mitts or Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves mentioned above or use ski gloves as an alternative.

3. Do lobster gloves work?

Yes, lobster gloves can be an excellent choice for deep winter months and when the temperature reaches its lowest. This is because lobster gloves are good at trapping warmth (insulation), but at the same time, allow breaking and shifting. In some cases, you can even think of combining lobster gloves with additional thin cycling gloves underneath to keep your hands warmer. However, this depends on your riding conditions and how well your body tolerates the cold.

3. Do cycling gloves help with numbness?

If the numbness is caused by exposure to cold weather, then good winter cycling gloves will help. Just make sure to choose a pair best suited for your needs and riding conditions. Also, keep in mind that winter cycling gloves that work for one person may not work for the other. This is because everyone has a different sensitivity to cold weather, circulatory system, and metabolism.


If handlebar vibrations are the cause of numbness, then think about getting the gloves with extra padding. It should help by absorbing some of the vibrations.

4. Are bar mitts worth it?

Bar Mitts is one of the ways to keep your hands warm in deep winter and extreme conditions. They are made of thicker materials to provide better insulation while still allowing some freedom of movement. Of course, you can still wear regular winter cycling gloves underneath, but that depends on the temperature outside. So yes, bar mitts can be worth it if used in the right weather conditions.

5. Do you need waterproof gloves for cycling?

Getting wet hands in cold weather is not the best experience. First, your hands and then the whole body will get cold. Therefore, If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, then waterproof gloves are a very good idea.


On the other hand, if you live in a more dry region, it’s possible that you don’t need waterproof winter cycling gloves. Also, if it is not very cold outside or you tolerate cold very well, you might get away without waterproof cycling gloves.

6. Are neoprene gloves good for cycling?

Neoprene gloves appeared on the market relatively recently and gained quite a lot of popularity. There are a few reasons that make them an excellent choice for cycling in winter. Usually, they are lightweight and thin, thus providing a good amount of freedom of movement for easier handling and shifting. Also, they offer excellent insulation, which keeps the hands warm and toasty. And they are great for rainy weather since the neoprene gloves work like a wetsuit. The water is trapped inside a glove and is warmed up by the body, which keeps the hands warm.

7. Are neoprene gloves good for cold weather?

Neoprene gloves can be an excellent choice for cold weather, but this depends on the gloves and the thickness of the fabric. A popular option is 3mm neoprene cycling gloves, which are not the best for freezing temperatures but are great for the 40°-60°F range. This makes neoprene cycling gloves versatile and suitable for more winter months (depending on where you are based, of course). Pro tip: warm your gloves up before heading out. You can you a hairdryer, for example. Also, when you stop for a coffee, make sure to stick the gloves under your jersey to keep them warm when you get back on your bike.

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