5 Best Cycling Jerseys

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In this article we shortlisted the 5 best cycling jerseys from summer, winter, budget, and mid-season categories. You should be able to find a jersey that suits your needs and budget. Check them out below. We also feature more cycling jerseys from specific categories in case you want to consider them:


5 Best Summer Cycling Jerseys

5 Best Cheap Cycling Jerseys

5 Best Winter Cycling Jerseys

5 Best Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

Gore C5 Optiline Jersey Review: Tried and Tested

Rapha Men’s Core Jersey Review: Tried and Tested


Cycling jerseys are not a requirement for cycling, however, they have several crucial benefits to normal clothing, which will make your rides more comfortable:

Close to the body fit (no flapping around), which reduces drag and increases your speed.

Special wicking fabrics do a great job at evaporating sweat and maintaining proper body temperature.

Deep back pockets for storing essentials on your ride.

Reflective elements for extra visibility.

In this article, we feature the best cycling jerseys from various categories and also provide you with links to specific articles with more choices. For example, if you are looking for a summer cycling jersey then just click on a summer-specific article. 


To shortlist these 5 best cycling jerseys we considered around 100 different options. Depending on the jersey category we looked at the fabric quality, price, brand, recommended temperature range, style, colors, water & wind resistance properties, and some other technical features like pockets and zips.

High-Level Comparison

If you don’t have time to go through the whole article then check out below a quick comparison of our 5 best cycling jerseys:

Castelli Perfetto ROS Long Sleeve Jersey

Best winter jersey

Snug Fit

2 back pockets

Gore Wear
C5 Jersey

Best summer jersey

Snug/Form Fit

3 back and 1 extra security pockets

Rapha Men's Long Sleeve Core Jersey

Best long sleeve jersey

Classic / Regular Fit

3 back and 1 extra security pockets

Finisseur Core Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

Best long sleeve jersey

Regular Fix

3 back pockets

PEARL iZUMi Men's QUEST Jersey

Best cheap jersey

Relaxed Fit

3 back pockets

1. Castelli Perfetto ROS Long Sleeve Jersey


Castelli Perfetto ROS Long Sleeve Jersey is hands down one of the best winter cycling jerseys, but unfortunately, it is also far from being cheap.


This jersey is packed with amazing features making it a go-to option during any weather conditions. Castelli used the Gore-Tex technology to make the fabric light, snug-fitting, and at the same time windproof and water-resistant. The recommended temperature range is 4°-14°C / 39°-57°F, but you can easily opt-in for a warmer base layer or a thermal jersey underneath on the coldest winter days. 


On a more technical side, the jersey comes with 2 large rear pockets, which are easy to use while wearing winter gloves. The zips are high quality and durable throughout. In addition, this jersey is equipped with side zipped vents to improve ventilation on high-intensity sessions. There are also some reflective elements on the back for higher visibility in low-light conditions. 


Overall, Castelli Perfetto ROS Long Sleeve Jersey is one of the best winter cycling jerseys on the market. Make sure to go a size up if you decide to invest in this piece of cycling kit. 

2. Gore Wear C5 Jersey


Gore Wear C5 Jersey is a premium quality everyday piece of cycling clothing that will make most owners very happy.  


The jersey is made of high-quality fabric that is just very pleasant to wear and touch. It is also quite durable and does a great job at moisture build-up management and temperature regulation to reduce overheating. 


On a more technical side, the jersey comes with 3 rear pockets for storing your essentials and 1 extra security pocket for keys or other valuables. You also get a full frontal zip, which is always a preferred option for summer. Also, we really like the graphic design and overall look of this jersey. 


Overall, Gore Wear C5 Jersey is a high-quality summer jersey. It is quite expensive for many cyclists, which is a downside.

3. Rapha Men's Long Sleeve Core Jersey


Rapha is a premium quality cycling brand and Long Sleeve Core Jersey is one of their most popular garments due to its relatively affordable price and great quality. 


The Long Sleeve Core Jersey is made of high-quality and durable fabric, which is very comfortable to wear and pleasant to the touch. The fit is relaxed and ideal for all-day adventures and a go-to option for the majority of cyclists. 


On a more technical side, the jersey comes with 3 back and 1 small security pocket to store valuables. The zippers are great throughout and the rear gripper keeps this jersey in place.


Overall, Long Sleeve Core Jersey is a premium-quality choice at a competitive price. If you can afford this jersey then look no further.

4. Finisseur Core Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey Anthracite


Finisseur Core Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey is a premium quality cycling jersey ideal for spring and fall cycling or as an underlayer in winter. 


The fabric quality is great and very pleasant and comfortable to wear. The fit is regular, but at the same time, the jersey fits quite close to the body and does not create drag. Overall, the fit is excellent and this jersey feels like a second skin. 


On the technical side, it comes with 3 back pockets, which are quite deep and can fit all the “must-haves”’ such as food, multitool, or even a small pump. The zippers are very high quality and durable. In addition, this jersey has some reflective elements on the back, which is always nice during low-light riding conditions. 


Overall, Finisseur Core Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey is a great premium choice for the money. 

5. PEARL iZUMi Men's QUEST Jersey


Pearl Izumi offers good quality cycling products ranging from entry to pro levels. Men’s QUEST Jersey falls into their most affordable category and receives a lot of praise from cyclists all over the world.


In addition to being an affordable option, this jersey is made of good quality fabric and generally fits very well. The fit is relaxed, which is a preferred choice for most cyclists. This jersey comes in many different colors so it is quite easy to find a perfect match for your current bike and clothing. 


On a more technical side, this jersey has 3 back pockets for storing valuables, a full front zipper, and good fabric for moisture and temperature management. However, keep in mind that the fabric used on this jersey is entry-level. 


If your budget allows you can consider a Men’s Classic Jersey, which is a bit more expensive but is made of slightly higher quality fabric. 


Overall, PEARL iZUMi Men’s QUEST Jersey is a great budget-friendly choice. Some cyclists struggle with getting the size right, but the positive feedback greatly outweighs the negative.


We know that choosing cycling products is hard and that’s why we help by narrowing down your choice with our reviews and comparisons. We looked at around 100 different cycling jerseys from various brands and narrowed our list to these 5 best. You should be able to find an option that suits your current needs and budget.


Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you found this article helpful. Stay healthy, happy, and active. 

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