C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket Review: Tried and Tested

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C5 Gore Shakedry Viz Jacket is incredibly light, fully waterproof, windproof, and stylish looking. The fabric quality is outstanding and will last for years with good care. The fit is snug and aerodynamic, which is ideal for training. I only wish the price would be more affordable.

product and testing details:

I was looking for a nice cycling jacket to use for training. My primary goal was to use it in any weather conditions and give me the extra motivation to go out. The C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket Review seemed like a worthy candidate. I previously owned a few Gore products and was never disappointed, so I decided to give their Shakedry jacket a go. 


I am happy with my choice, and this review is an explicit confirmation of that!

Size & Fit

My usual cycling clothing size is S (EU) and XS (US), so this is the size I went for. It turned out to be the right decision, and honestly, I could not ask for a better fit. The fit is snug and aerodynamic, which is exactly what you want in cold weather and while battling headwinds.


The jacket’s neck has a high adjustable collar which is perfect for keeping the wind and rain out. The elastic wrist bands at each end of the cuffs are stretchy, snug-fitting, and do an excellent job of keeping the cold air out.


For me, the size and fit are just perfect, and this is why scoring it 10/10.

Waterproofness & Windproofness

I am a fan of the saying, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing,” and can say with confidence that the Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 Viz jacket will not let you down even in the worst weather conditions.


I had a chance to test it in heavy rain, hail, and colder temperatures, and it perfectly stood up to these conditions.


The fabric, which features GORE® SHAKEDRY™ technology, doesn’t let any water or wind pass through. At the same time, this jacket is breathable, so the sweat and heat can escape when you are pushing hard.


The quality of Gore products is well known in cycling circles, so there was no surprise here that their Shakedry™ technology works wonders.


There is not much else to add here. The jacket is 100% waterproof and fully windproof.


Scoring it 10/10 for waterproofness & windproofness. 

Weight & Packability

The C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Jacket weighs only 120g/4.23 oz. So I can easily pack it into my jersey back pocket and not even notice that it’s there.


I can’t think of any other cycling jacket that is lighter and more compact than the C-5 Gore Shakedry.


Such low weight positively affects performance as it’s not adding extra weight for you to carry up hills or in headwinds.


Also, the possibility to pack it in your jersey pocket is fantastic. So if it starts to rain or gets colder in the evening, you can take it out of your jersey pocket, put it on, and you are good to go.


Scoring it a 10/10 for weight and packability. 


The fabric is very pleasant to the touch, stretchy, breathable, and warm at the same time. I also really like that there is no movement restriction, and the jacket sits on and feels exceptional. 


Scoring it a 10/10 for fabric.


This jacket has a 2-way zipper on the front, which is excellent for ventilation and added versatility. The 2-way zipper means that it can be unzipped from the top and bottom at the same time. I don’t use this feature much, but it is nice to have.


The quality of the front and back zippers are excellent, easy to use with no jamming. They also feel very premium. Therefore, I am super happy with the quality of the zippers on this jacket.


Scoring it a 10/10 for zippers. 

How do I use C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket?

C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket is my go-to cycling clothing throughout the year expect summer when it is just too warm. 


In winter, I use it all the time on top of my long-sleeve cycling jersey. It works super well, and in addition to wind and water protection, it is very warm. 


In spring and fall, I usually fold the jacket and put it in the back pocket of my long-sleeve jersey. Then, if it starts raining or I get cold when descending, I put the jacket on for as long as needed.


However, if it is warm for this jacket, but I know it will be raining, I take the short-sleeve summer jersey and pop the jacket in the back pocket or on, but not zipping it at all or just a little bit.


So for me, it is a 3-season cycling jacket, and I just choose the appropriate cycling jersey and base layer. 


In summary, these are the things I liked about C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket:


This jacket does a fantastic job blocking the wind, and I could not ask for more on this front.


This jacket does a fantastic job blocking the wind, and I could not ask for more on this front.


C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket is exceptionally light. It can be packed into a jersey back pocket and taken out when needed.

Snug Fit

The fit is snug, which keeps the wind out and makes this jacket very aerodynamic.


C5 Gore-tex Shakedry is a cool-looking jacket, and I love the design and added visibility for the cars and pedestrians.


What I did not like:


C5 Gore-tex Shakedry is not cheap, and many will be hesitant to pay this much. I still think that the purchase was worth it, and I enjoyed every moment of it, but it was not fun to spend $300 on a jacket.

Final Verdict

I would recommend C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket to anyone looking to ride and train in any weather conditions. It is exceptionally light, can be packed into a back jersey pocket and taken out when needed. It has a snug fit that makes it aerodynamic, and it is fully wind and waterproof. The downside is the hefty price tag.

Frequently asked questions:
1. What is Goretex Shakedry?

Goretex Shakedry is an innovative technology from Gore that eliminates the need for a traditional face fabric and uses Gore-Tex as the outer layer. As the name “Shakedry” suggests, all you need to do is shake the jacket, and the water rolls off the jacket.


Because of this technology, the clothing is lighter and more breathable than the traditional Gore-Tex garments but still 100% waterproof.

2. How durable is Shakedry?

Shakedry fabric is highly durable and lasts for years with good care. I have used the C5 Gore-tex Shakedry Viz Jacket for a year and see no signs of wear or tear. Also, I searched some niche cycling forums to hear the feedback from users who got this jacket a few years ago, and the feedback is the same across the board. Some have been using it for as much as 3 years, and there are no signs of wear and tear. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Shakedry technology is very durable.

3. How do you clean Shakedry?

Goretex Shakedry should be treated gently and with great care. We advise following the official washing instructions from Gore. If using a washing machine, go for a delicate mode and 40°C water temperature and line dry afterward. 


Also, try washing it only when necessary. Don’t iron it, don’t use any bleach, and don’t go for dry cleaning.

4. Is Gore-Tex the best waterproof material?

Gore-Tex is definitely among the best and most popular waterproof fabrics out there, especially in cycling.


It has been around for decades and has proven itself to be extremely durable and reliable. That is why most cycling jackets and clothing primarily use Gore-Tex, even though other waterproof fabrics like eVent or Polartec NeoShell are available and have become known in recent years.

5. Is Gore-Tex waterproof?

Yes, Gore-Tex is 100% waterproof. This technology has been around for decades, and many clothing manufacturers use it as their primary go-to choice. Simply put, Gore-Tex blocks the water from penetrating, but at the same time, the sweat and vapor can escape. This breathability factor is one of the main reasons Gore-Tex is so famous and widely used.


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