Castelli Diluvio C Winter Cycling Gloves Review: Tried and Tested

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Review score


I was impressed with Castelli Diluvio C winter cycling gloves and found them an excellent 3-season choice. They are fully waterproof, light, snug-fitting, non-bulky, grippy, and warm enough. Also, it is hard to find a better alternative for the price. However, keep in mind that neoprene fabric has its benefits and some downsides.

product and testing details:

I get cold easily and often find myself pushing extra hard in winter to generate enough body heat and stay warm throughout a whole ride. The first part of my body to feel the cold is my hands, which is why I love cycling gloves so much. I own a few pairs for different weather conditions but never had a pair of neoprene gloves until the Castelli Diluvio C.


I was pretty excited to get my hands inside these gloves and put them to the test. Was I disappointed? Fortunately, no, and I find myself reaching Castelli Diluvio C on most days when it is not yet freezing.


I first tested Castelli Diluvio C Cycling Gloves on a cold and rainy day at around 44°F / 7°C. As soon as I jumped on my bike, I could feel a slight discomfort as my hands were pretty cold. Fortunately, nothing serious, but I did not expect this and was almost disappointed.


However, after about 30 mins of cycling, my hands warmed up and felt amazing. This is actually how neoprene fabric works. First, it traps air and moisture inside the gloves, then warms them up by the body-generated heat. So you get an oven-like environment for your hands.


Once the sun was out and the temperature outside jumped to 52°F / 11°C, the gloves were slightly too warm for my liking. This is why I find them ideal for 41°-50°F / 5°-10°C temperature range. They are okay even in warmer weather as long as you are not pushing extra hard and generating a lot of body heat.


Scoring them 9/10 for warmth as they do need a bit of heating up to do before the hands feel warm & toasty.


The Castelli Diluvio C cycling gloves are fully waterproof because of the neoprene fabric and glued waterproof seams. I had no issues using the gloves in the rain. I tested them on a few rainy rides, and I did not feel any water getting inside the gloves.


However, keep in mind that these gloves are not very breathable, so you can feel moisture building up from the inside.


Scoring Castelli Diluvio C a 10/10 for waterproof capabilities.

Size & Fit

I went for the S-M size since I usually wear S. It turned out to be a perfect size. The fabric is actually very stretchy, so even if my hands were larger, these gloves would fit me nicely. I am a bit worried that the material will stretch out over time, but I can’t say for sure at the moment.


In terms of fit, I love how non-bulky these gloves are, making them perfect for bike handling and even simple cycling computer or phone operations.


I am giving these gloves a 10/10 for size & fit since I have no complaints whatsoever.


These gloves also have a grippy print on the palm, which works very well. They do a great job at “sticking” to the handlebars, even on a rainy day. The provided grip is very useful for bike handling, and no complaints here.


Scoring these gloves a 10/10 for grip. 

Touchscreen Compatibility

It is possible to unlock a touchscreen phone and even operate a Garmin cycling computer with these gloves on; however, it is not easy, and you need to poke around quite a bit. So don’t expect to text and fully operate your phone with these gloves on.


Scoring these gloves a 4/10 for the touchscreen capabilities.

Neoprene fabric

As I mentioned before, the Castelli Diluvio C cycling gloves are made of neoprene fabric. This is what makes them waterproof and very stretchy. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used in wetsuits and scuba diving gear. It has incredible insulation capabilities as it traps air and moisture inside. The warmth comes from the body’s generated heat trapped inside the fabric.


The neoprene material is not very breathable, so you can feel moisture build-up inside the gloves on hot days or when you are working particularly hard. This is why they are a bit hard to take off and put back on mid-ride and also need to be left to dry after each use.


Overall, I really like the neoprene fabric as it makes these gloves very close-fitting, light, non-bulky, and completely waterproof. The price is also very good for such a high-quality product.


In summary, these are the things I liked about Castelli Diluvio C winter cycling gloves:


These gloves are fully waterproof thanks to the neoprene fabric and waterproof glued seams.

Size & Fit

I love how non-bulky and close-fitting these gloves are. You don’t lose any feel for the bike.

Recommended temperature range

I find Castelli Diluvio C to be perfect for 3 seasons. I use them on most winter days when it is not yet freezing & many spring and fall days when the temperature outside suddenly drops.


These gloves also look pretty cool with a Castelli name printed on the palms.

Value for money

The price is very competitive for such high-quality and waterproof gloves. Definitely an excellent value for money choice.


What I did not like:


The neoprene fabric makes these gloves rather non-breathable resulting in moisture build-up. This is why they are a bit hard to put back on after a coffee stop. Also, it is best to turn them inside out and leave them to dry after each use.

Not for deep winter

Keep in mind that these gloves are not suitable for freezing temperatures & you might find them too cold on such days. However, if you generally feel warm in cold weather, you will probably be okay even when the temperature reaches freezing.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am pleased with the Castelli Diluvio C cycling gloves and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of waterproof winter gloves. They are perfect for the temperature range of 41°-50°F / 5°-10°C, which is ideal for most winter and many fall and spring days. The price is also very appealing for the quality you get. Definitely, the gloves I reach for on most winter days. The neoprene fabric has its benefits but lacks breathability, so keep that in mind.

Frequently asked questions:
1. Are Castelli gloves good?

Castelli is a very popular cycling brand that has been around for quite some time. They specialize in high-quality, performance clothing and accessories, so it is hard to go wrong with something from this company. Their winter gloves are very popular among cyclists, and the gloves we reviewed in this article definitely confirmed Castelli’s quality. You should be able to find a pair of gloves from this company that will suit your needs perfectly and will last many seasons.

2. Are neoprene gloves good for cycling?

Neoprene gloves, in general, are very good for cycling. They keep hands warm and toasty while also protecting them from rain. Generally, winter neoprene cycling gloves are made from 3mm fabric so that the gloves will feel very light and non-bulky. Unfortunately, they need some warming up, and non-breathable material can result in moisture build-up. However, if you are looking for a good pair of waterproof 3-season gloves to keep your hands warm, neoprene cycling gloves are a great option.

3. Should neoprene gloves be tight?

Neoprene gloves are usually very close-fitting and snug, but they definitely should not feel too tight and uncomfortable because the fabric is stretchy. If you are unsure about the size, it is always a good idea to purchase 2 pairs, try both of them on, and return the one you don’t like.

4. Do neoprene gloves keep you dry?

Yes, neoprene gloves are completely waterproof. However, this fabric traps air and moisture inside so your hands can feel damp but not cold, which is the essential benefit in winter. So basically, neoprene gloves (provided the quality is good) are meant to be used on rainy days, and your hands should be protected from the elements.


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