Craft Active Extreme X CN Short Sleeve Base Layer Review: Tried and Tested

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Review score


Craft Active Extreme X CN is probably one of the best winter cycling base layers for high-intensity workouts on the market. I was really impressed with its wicking properties, ergonomic fit, comfort, weight, and reasonable price for the quality you get.

product and testing details:

I personally find base layers to be one of the most critical pieces of gear when it comes to cycling clothing. This is because base layers are designed to regulate the rider’s temperature through moisture management and make cycling more comfortable & enjoyable.


I own a few base layers for different weather conditions and seasons of the year, and in this review, taking a close look at Craft Active Extreme X CN short sleeve base layer.


In my opinion, it is one of the best base layers for high-intensity rides in mild to cold conditions. See my detailed explanation and review below.


Many people opt-in for a long-sleeve base layer in winter because you get extra warmth and protection. I think that the Craft Active Extreme X short sleeve base layer is an exception to this rule since it can be used on most deep winter days (depends on where you live, of course!).


According to the official brand guidelines, the recommended temperature range is 23°-50°F / -5°-10°C. However, because winter in my area is relatively mild, the lowest temperature I could test this base layer in was around 32°F / 0°C, and it was more than capable of keeping my core warm and comfortable.


It is so warm that when the temperature outside is above 50°F / 10°C I am overhearing while wearing this base layer. It is worth noting that I am primarily using this base later on high-intensity rides. 


Overall, I am so impressed with how warm the short sleeve Craft Active Extreme X base layer is so giving it a top score of 10/10 for the warmth.

Size & Fit

I usually wear a size S, and the Craft Active Extreme base layer size S fits me perfectly. I specifically like how tight-fitting it is. Also, the length is perfect for me. There is no excess of fabric or wrinkles anywhere across the base layer, and very easy to tuck it in bib tights or shorts. 


Overall, the fit is terrific in my case and no complaints here. This is why scoring it a strong 10/10 for the size & fit.


According to Craft, it used upcycled marine plastics to make the fabric for this base layer. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the material turned out to be very soft, comfortable against the skin, and very light.


Also, to increase overall comfort, Craft used flatlock seams throughout. Such seams reduce and even eliminate any chance of chafing and skin irritation. I used this base layer on longer multi-hour rides with no issues or discomfort.


Scoring it a 10/1o for comfort.

Moisture Management & Wicking Properties

One of the reasons Craft Active Extreme X base layer is perfect for high-intensity workouts is the excellent moisture management & wicking properties. I absolutely love how well it wicks away the sweat even when I push extra hard on the bike. It is also very quick-drying, evident after every wash since it dries so much faster than any other clothing I have.

I couldn’t be happier with this base layer’s moisture management & wicking properties, so, again, giving it a perfect score of 10/10.

How do I use Craft Active Extreme X CN short sleeve base layer?

For me, cycling is mostly about exercising, staying fit and active, and I like a good weekend workout on my bike. This is why I use the Craft Active Extreme base layer on most winter days and sometimes in spring or fall when it is freezing.


I mix this base layer with my long sleeve and short sleeve jerseys depending on outside weather.


In summary, these are the things I like about Craft Active Extreme X CN short sleeve base layer:


Being a short-sleeve winter base layer, it is exceptionally warm and can easily compete with the warmest long sleeve winter cycling base layers.


The fabric is very soft and comfortable against the skin and does not cause any chafing or irritation.

Wicking properties

The wicking properties are some of the best I have ever seen, and it manages sweat exceptionally well.


This base layer is very lightweight and does not feel bulky.


I like how tight-fitting this base layer is.


I have been using this base layer for a while and see no signs of wear and tear. The fabric looks durable and should last for years with good care.


The price is very reasonable compared to other high-quality winter cycling base layers.


It was tough to spot any dislikes and negatives. I absolutely love it.

Final Verdict

I am impressed with Craft Active Extreme X CN and recommend it to anyone looking for a great winter cycling base layer for high-intensity workouts and racing. I couldn’t find any faults with it, so giving Craft Active Extreme X CN Short Sleeve Base Layer my highest scores across the board for every single category!


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