Gore C5 Optiline Jersey Review: Tried and Tested

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Gore C5 Optiline Jersey is a truly great product to use and enjoy. This jersey has it all: comfortable and close to the body fit, deep pockets, premium quality fabric, easy-to-use zipper, and a stylish look. It was really hard to spot any downsizes besides the price.

product and testing details:

Gore is especially known for its GoreTex technology which is used in many waterproof clothing and footwear products. However, the company also manufactures premium quality and stylish cycling clothing. 


I was looking for a good summer jersey and Gore C5 Optiline Jersey stood out as a good contender for the role. I gave this jersey a try and could not be happier with my choice. A truly great product that I would highly recommend. 


Check out my detailed Gore C5 Optiline Jersey review and feedback below.  


I ordered S sized (EU) jersey, which is my normal clothing size and it turned out to be the right decision.


The fit is form-fitting and the jersey really shapes according to my body. Also, I really like how snug the sleeves are and also the fit across my chest and waist. It does not restrict my movement and is not baggy at the same time. 


I have seen a few comments about other cyclists struggling with getting the size right. If you are not sure which size to get then consider ordering 2 sizes and then sending one back. 


I personally could not be happier with the fit so scoring it a 10/10


The fabric is definitely premium quality and it holds up really well to machine washing and time. 


One thing to note here is that the jersey could be too warm for summer days when the temperature reaches 80s F. 


However, I have only positive emotions about the fabric and this is why scoring it a 10/10.


The zipper is very easy to use and is made of high-quality material. It has a locking mechanism in place meaning you can unzip halfway and lock it in that particular place. This is very useful when you are on a climb and want to cool off by letting the air in and don’t want to worry about the jersey unzipping completely.


Given all of this, scoring the zipper a 10/10


Gore C5 Optiline Jersey comes with 3 back pockets and 1 extra security one. The pockets are quite deep and can hold many essentials you need on your ride. As a bonus, I was quite surprised with the size of a security pocket. It is rather large and actually can hold most of the phones and even some wallets. 


I am really happy with the pockets and especially the security one. 


Scoring them 10/10.


In summary, these are the things I liked about Gore C5 Optiline Jersey: 


Very comfortable, but snug fit especially at the sleeves, chest, and waist. 


Premium quality fabric throughout the jersey. It stands up to washing and time. 


Very good quality zipper with “locking-in place” feature. 


The pockets and very wide and deep so it is easy to load all of the needed essentials. Also, you get a rather large security pocket that can fit most of the phones. 


I really like how this jersey looks and how simple, but stylish it is. This is, of course, my subjective opinion.


What I did not like:


I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” is valid here, but it is still worth pointing out that there are hundreds of jerseys available at a lower price point. I feel like Gore C5 Optiline Jersey is slightly overpriced so if you are budget constrained then maybe go for a different choice. The price is the only reason I scored this jersey a 9 and not a 10-star product. 

Final Verdict

I really enjoy cycling with Gore C5 Optiline Jersey and I find it difficult to spot any downsides or issues. This jersey has it all and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. 


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