Lusso Termico Bib Tights Review

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Warm, true to size, comfortable, water repellent fabric, and footloops make these tights worth the money.

Product and testing details

I was looking for relatively inexpensive, but good quality bib tights to get me through some of the coldest months of the year and came across Lusso’s Termico bib tights. It has been a full season of cycling in these bib tights and now I am ready to share my thoughts and experience. In short – very happy with this product and recommend it as a great value for money option. 

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The Fit

Purchasing online and landing on perfectly fitting cycling bib tights from the first go is hard. I had to return tights in the past because of poor fit, so when Lusso’s bib tights arrived I was a bit nervous to try them on. Fortunately, my worst expectations did not come true and the fit turned out to be perfect. 


There is no feeling of movement restriction or extra looseness and I liked how they feel overall. Straps feel good, padding also fits well, thighs are not restricted and, my absolute favorite, the loops keep them securely in one place. Overall, it is just pleasant to wear these bib tights. Big kudos to Lusso on this one. 


To find my size I followed the brand’s sizing chart and also double confirmed it with a customer support representative over Facebook Messenger (very convenient).

The Rides

I have cycled different distances in these bib tights and it is worth separating my experience based on cycling duration. According to Lusso, these bib tights are ideal for rides up to 6 hours and I decided to test that. 


Short rides (1-3 hours) 

I never had any issues or complaints about Lusso Termico on shorter rides up to 3-4 hours and a coffee break in the middle. The pad and overall fabric remain comfortable and pleasant to wear. 


Long rides (6-10 hours)

I also had a chance to use these bib tights on a longer 100 km easy ride and the experience was okay. After about a midpoint I could feel the sweat building up (excuse the gory details) and the second part of the ride was not the most comfortable. If you plan to cycle longer than 7-8 hours then my suggestion would be to go for some premium tights with a very sophisticated padding (higher price tag though).

Water repellent features

I often end up cycling in rainy and wet conditions so water protection is crucial. Overall, I am really happy with the water repellent fabric on these. I enjoy rainy rides with these bib tights on as I know my legs and core will remain dry and warm. 

What about warmth?

I generally need to move more and work harder than an average cyclist to keep my body temperature up. In these bib tights, my limit was about 2°C / 35°F. Anything below and especially in windy conditions was simply too cold. If you are one of those lucky ones who can wear shorts and flip flops at -5°C / 23°F then you should be okay wearing these even in temperatures reaching freezing. 


There are several things I particularly liked about these bib tights and some of them I already mentioned above:

Fit & footloops

I am really happy with how Lusso’s Termico bib tights sit on me. They are comfortable to wear in both standing and sitting positions. Also, I like the footloops, which keep the bib tights in one place and cover the ankle area.

Water protection

As I mentioned above, cycling in the rain is not so scary in these bib tights. They do a really good job at repelling water and keeping me dry and warm even after 10 machine washes. 

Extra knee Area protection

As you can see from the pictures, Lusso added double fabric and extra protection in the knee area. This helps to keep knees warmer and protected from wind and rain. I found this addition to be very much needed as my knees often get cold first and most. 


Even though I tend to get cold quickly these bib tights managed to keep me warm on temperatures down to about 2°C / 35°F. Anything below this was too much and I was getting too cold to enjoy the ride. You might be okay with even lower temperatures, but it depends on your body type and ability to keep warm. 

Groin area gets cold

Even though these bib tights are very warm I was getting cold from time to time in the crotch area, especially in very windy and cold conditions (2-4°C / 35-39°F). Some brands offer extra groin area protection. One of the examples is Gore’s windstopper cup. Would be amazing if Lusso could offer something similar in the future. 


 I started to notice some loose threads and logo damages after about the 7th wash. Nothing serious, but it could lead to bigger problems in the future. 

Final Verdict

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, if my friend is looking for great value for money bib tights. Lusso’s Termico bib tights offer a lot for the price so if you are not looking for something specific and need a pair of bibs to get you through some of the coldest months then go for it. 

I hope you found this review useful, leave a comment below or ask any questions. Stay healthy, happy, and active.


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