Rapha Men’s Core Jersey Review: Tried and Tested

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Review score


Rapha Men’s Core Jersey is a good quality product that will make most owners happy. This jersey is snug-fitting, breathable, stylish, and well-made throughout. I was only slightly let down by baggy sleeves and pockets’ size, but other than that it was really difficult to spot any issues.

product and testing details:

Over the years Rapha made a name for itself as a premium cycling brand. Truth be told, they do manufacture high-end products priced accordingly. Forum “battles” over Rapha’s price to quality ratio are in abundance. 


Regardless of where you stand on this “battle”, there is no denying that Rapha’s high-end products are comfortable, stylish and create a certain brand identity. 


However, in this review, I am taking a look at Rapha’s entry-level jersey Men’s Core Summer Cycling Jersey. It is their cheapest entry-level cycling jersey. 


I ordered S-sized (EU) jersey, which is my normal clothing size and it turned out to be the right decision.


For me, the jersey is quite tight-fitting but does not cause any movement restriction or discomfort. In general, Rapha Men’s Core Jersey fits very well across the chest, waist, and shoulders.  


The only slight issue I found is the baggy sleeves. I wish the sleeves would be snugger. 


Scoring it a 9/10 for the fit


The fabric is 100% polyester and feels durable and of good quality. It is also quite thin and breathable, which is exactly what you want on the hottest days. 


Even though the fabric is thin and breathable it is still too warm on days when the temperature reaches 80s or above. 


I think the fabric quality is very good, but nothing outstanding so that is why scoring it a 9/10


The zipper is rather easy to use and is made of good quality material. It has a locking mechanism in place meaning you can unzip halfway and lock it in that particular place. This is very useful when you are on a climb and want to cool off by letting the air in and don’t want to worry about the jersey unzipping completely. 


I feel like the zipping motion is not at smooth as on some of the other jerseys I tried in the past. This is why scoring the zipper a 9/10


Even though this jersey comes with 4 pockets (3 regular ones and 1 security pocket) they are not very deep and spacious. For example, the small security pocket would not fit larger phones but is big enough for keys and other small items. 


In general, the pockets are good and durable, but not as spacious as on some of the other jerseys I own. 


Scoring the pockets 8/10.


In summary, these are the things I liked about Rapha Men’s Core cycling jersey: 

The fit

Very comfortable and snug fit across the chest, waist, and shoulders.

The fabric

Good quality, breathable and thin fabric throughout the jersey.


Well-made and easy-to-use zipper with “locking-in place” feature.


I like Rapha’s minimalistic clothing design. This is, of course, a subjective option.


What I did not like:

Baggy sleeves

The sleeves are a little loose-fitting, which I found a little uncomfortable. 

Security pocket

I found the security pocket to be rather small. It can fit only keys or other small items, but not larger phones, for example. Also in general the pockets are not as spacious as on some of the other jerseys I own. 

These smaller issues caused me to give Rapha Men’s Core Cycling Jersey an 8/10. 

Final Verdict

I would recommend Rapha Men’s Core Cycling Jersey. It is a very well-made, good quality, and stylish jersey that will make owners happy. If I have to be picky I could spot some downsides such as rather loose-fitting sleeves or relatively smaller pockets (especially the security pocket). 


However, in general, Rapha Men’s Core Cycling Jersey is an excellent choice for the price.


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