Rapha Pro Team Base Layer Review: Tried and Tested

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Rapha Pro Team is one of the best base layers I have ever tested. The fabric quality is superb and durable, the fit is fantastic, and it also looks stylish! Definitely, the base layer I strongly recommend.

product and testing details:

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at the Rapha Pro Team base layer. I had a chance to test it in many different weather conditions, on short and long rides, and even indoors. So now, I am ready to share my feedback and impressions. 

Fit & Size

When it comes to cycling clothing, size is always tricky since all brands have slightly different measurements. Therefore, if you find a brand that fits you perfectly – stick with it. One such brand for me is Rapha!


I own a few Rapha clothing products and find that S is always my best size, and this is one I am testing in this review (check out my measurements above if you want to compare).


As soon as I tried this base layer, I knew it was a keeper!!! The fit feels fantastic! It sits close to the body, however, at the same time, it is not skin-tight. I often ride anywhere between 5 & 7 hours, so comfort is vital, and this base layer delivers above and beyond when it comes to comfort.


I like how it sits across my chest, hips, and shoulders. There is no bunching up of fabric or wrinkles, and in general, nothing bothered me when it came to fit and size.


Therefore, happily score the Rapha Pro Team base layer a 10/10 for the size & fit.


The fabric of the Rapha Pro Team base layer is really exceptional! It is very lightweight, soft to the touch, and, at the same time, quite strong & durable. In other words – this base layer will definitely last you for years with proper care!


The fabric is also very breathable and kept me feeling dry throughout my summer rides. Overall, It did an excellent job absorbing sweat, keeping me relatively dry and comfortable on hot days.


I have only positive emotions about the fabric, and this is why scoring it a 10/10

Wicking Properties

The wicking properties of the Rapha Pro Team base layer are also excellent! As I mentioned, this base layer does a fantastic job absorbing sweat and keeping a rider relatively dry during long & hot spins.


80°F / 27°C was the hottest temperature I tested this base layer in. Truth be told, on that ride I had to completely unzip my jersey to stay as cool as possible. I don’t like riding in super warm weather, so 80°F / 27°C stretched my preferred boundaries, but the base layer kept me comfortable.


If you are planning to ride in very hot weather (above 80°F / 27°C), then I would recommend getting an even lighter base layer, for example, Castelli Core Mesh 3 Summer Base Layer, or check out our Best Cycling Base Layers For Summer article to find a base layer that will suit your needs and riding conditions.


Overall, I am very impressed with the wicking properties of this base layer and happily give it a score of 10/10.

Additional Observations

1. I found this base layer to be exceptionally comfortable. The combination of excellent fit, premium fabric, and absence of seams make the Rapha Pro Team base layer one of the best on the market.


2. The fabric also feels and looks very durable. I have washed it about 20 times, and it still looks new.


3. I really like how this base layer looks! The color and prints are stylish. For me, performance & comfort come first, but I also pay extra attention to looks (yep, that’s me!).


Overall, these are the things I liked about the Rapha Pro Team base layer:


The Rapha Pro Team base layer’s material is exceptional! It is very lightweight, soft to the touch, and, at the same time, quite strong & durable.


I found this base layer to be very comfortable. The combination of great fit and premium fabric makes the Rapha Pro Team base layer ideal for long summer rides or training.


The fit of the Rapha Pro Team base layer is excellent! It sits close to the body but is not restrictive or uncomfortable.


The fabric feels and looks very durable. I have washed it about 20 times, and it still looks new.


I really like how this base layer looks. It definitely makes me stand out from the crowd.


What I did not like about the Rapha Pro Team base layer:


The Rapha Pro Team base layer is not cheap. However, given the fantastic quality of this product, I think it is worth every penny.

Final Verdict

The Rapha Pro Team base layer is superb. It ticks all the boxes: great fabric, great fit, comfortable, and stylish. It is definitely one of the best cycling base layers on the market. I was very impressed with this product and happily gave it the highest rating!

Frequently asked questions:
1. What is the recommended temperature for the Rapha Pro Team base layer?

To me, Rapha Pro Team base layer is ideal for temperatures between 60°F / 16°C and 80°F / 27°C in combination with a summer short-sleeve cycling jersey. However, if you add a warm long-sleeve jersey, you can extend the temperature range and use this base layer in spring and fall. This is precisely my plan. However, in winter, I will switch to a much warmer long-sleeve base layer.

2. What alternative summer base layers would you recommend?

If you are looking for an alternative to the Rapha Pro Team base layer, I recommend checking out the CASTELLI CORE MESH BASE LAYER, ideal for hottest days, or the SPECIALIZED SL, best for most summer days. Both of these are excellent summer base layers!

3. Is Rapha clothing worth it?

If you are looking for high-quality, stylish, and comfortable cycling clothing, then Rapha is definitely worth it! However, Rapha clothes are not cheap, so if you are on a budget, other brands offer good quality cycling clothing at a lower price point.

4. What size should I get in Rapha?

I would recommend checking out Rapha’s size guide to find the perfect size for you. The size guide is accurate, and I have never had any issues ordering the wrong size. Also, Rapha generally has good return policies, so you can order multiple sizes and send back those that do not fit you well.

5. How long does Rapha clothing last?

The Rapha Pro Team base layer I am reviewing here is made from premium fabric and is also very well-constructed. I have been using it for over 3 months, and it looks new. So I believe it should last for a few years. However, it also depends on how often you cycle and how well you take care of your cycling clothing. Also, some cycling clothing like bib shorts, for example, wear out quicker. But, overall, Rapha makes excellent quality and long-lasting products!

6. Do you have any other tips on how to take care of Rapha clothing?

Yes! I would recommend always following the care instructions on the label. In general, Rapha clothes are easy to take care of and can be machine-washed. Also, avoid using fabric softener as it can damage some of the materials. Read general washing advice here.


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