Spiuk Aldama Carbon BOA Shoes Review

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High-quality pair of cycling shoes that has a lot to offer for the price and would be a great choice for the majority of cyclists. 

Product and testing details

I have been cycling in Spiuk’s Aldama Carbon BOA Shoes for almost a year and have a lot to share about them. While looking for a new pair of cycling shoes I wanted something brighter in color to match my black and yellow Cube bike. Spiuk’s Aldama stood out to me as a really cool-looking and stylish shoe. However, does it perform or only look great on the outside? Well… the short answer is YES, it does perform. The long answer is the full review below. 


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The Fit

When it comes to cycling shoes, fit is everything! If the shoe is uncomfortable and, God forbid, causes you pain, then it does not matter how amazing the features are. Knowing all this, I was a bit hesitant to buy a pair online, however, Covid-19 made the decision for me. I followed the advice of a retailer and went for a size up to my regular shoe size.


Since I normally wear 42 EU you can do the math and realize that I ended up with 43 Spiuk Aldama Carbon BOA

The size turned out to be perfect for me. I have just a bit of space at the toe cap for some thicker socks during winter months and overall my toes feel very comfortable. The heel cup also hugged my foot perfectly so there is no wiggle room.


I really wanted to see how they perform on longer distances and took them on a 100 km cycle. The end result really exceeded my expectations! I had no discomfort, no blisters, no pain and I can confidently say that Spiuk’s Aldama Carbon BOA shoes are as comfortable for me as it gets. 


The upper part of the shoe is covered with air inlets and in addition, there are 3 places on the sole with air holes for extra ventilation. I am super happy with how it works since I never got sweaty feet during warmer months while wearing these. On the downside, during winter times I need to use warmer socks and shoe covers for improved insulation and extra water resistance. This approach works well and my feet never get cold even when temperatures approach freezing.


Being on a mid to higher price spectrum, Spiuk’s Aldama Carbon BOA offers a full house of tasty features, which I really like and enjoy on a daily basis.


I am extremely comfortable wearing these shoes and could not ask for a better fit. The upper material, insoles, collar, tongue, midsole, and toe cap feel great and I never experienced even the remotest feeling of pain or discomfort. 

Air ventilation

For me, these shoes provide enough ventilation. To be fair, my riding conditions don’t involve temperatures above 20-22°C so I can’t say much about ventilation in very hot temperatures.

Style and overall look

Speak what you want, but I just love the style and colors of these shoes. They definitely help me to stand out and I feel pretty cool cycling in these, which is important! 

BOA closure system

For me, BOA is the gold standard and this is my favorite closure system. It provides equal tension distribution across the whole upper foot surface and sides. Also, I enjoy the ability to adjust the tension on the go when needed. 


The general rule is that the stiffer the sole the more efficient it is at transferring power. I do agree with this scientifically proven fact, but personally, I don’t want to compromise on comfort. That’s why the sole on these shoes was another positive factor for me. It is very stiff (extremely hard to bend), but at the same time, the midsole is very comfortable, which is my type of game. 

Easy to damage

You have to take extra care of the upper part of these shoes as it is very easy to scratch and cut. I really regretted sticking my foot in a closing apartment building door. It left a dark mark and a scratch that you can’t fix. 

Hard to keep clean

I own a yellow version of these shoes so mud, scratches, cuts, and dents are very visible and hard to clean. This would be less of a problem for black shoes, but this is a price for style and look. 

Final Verdict

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, absolutely. The Spiuk’s Aldama Carbon BOA shoes fit perfectly, provide enough ventilation, look super stylish, offer one of the best closure systems and have a very stiff, but at the same time comfortable sole. Definitely a product I would recommend and worth the money! 

I hope you found this review useful, leave a comment below or ask any questions. Stay healthy, happy, and active.


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